Her Art

AP007: 107x99 cm AP001: 132x153 cm AP003: 119x155 cm AP008: 109x155 cm LP002: 47x112 cm


“South America & Malaysia in colorful strokes”
Exhibition in Museum of Art in Malacca, Malaysia


“Dutch Brushes - Window in Holland”
Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


“From East to West”
Exhibition in Curacao, Dutch Antilles.

Exhibition in Korea


“Dedicated to harmony”
Exhibition in Hong Kong

“Asia invitation Art Exhibition in Seoul ‘95”
Exhibition in Seoul, South Korea.


“Bridge of solidarity now in Asia-Malaysia”
Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


“Beyond the battlefield”
Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

CP001: 78x110 cm CP004: 160x80 cm CP010: 55x40 cm CP012: 86x50 cm CP015: 70x83 cm

Acrylic On Canvas

  • 001AP001: 132x153 CM
  • 002AP002: 153x153 CM
  • 003AP003: 119x155 CM
  • 004AP004: 119x155 CM
  • 005AP005: 119x155 CM
  • 006AP006: 119x155 CM
  • 007AP007: 102x99 CM
  • 008AP008: 109x155 CM
  • 009AP009: 92x138 CM
  • 010AP010: 92x138 CM
  • 011AP011: 110x110 CM
  • 012AP012: 139x102 CM

OilPaintings On Canvas

  • 001OP001: 60x45 CM
  • 002OP002: 60x45 CM
  • 003OP003: 24x24 CM
  • 004OP004: 24x24 CM

Series of Children

  • 001LP001: 92x80 CM
  • 002LP002: 47x112 CM
  • 003LP003: 110x80 CM
  • 004LP004: 57x84 CM

Chinese Paintings

  • 001CP001: 79x79 CM
  • 002CP002: 78x110 CM
  • 003CP003: 160x80 CM
  • 004CP004: 160x80 CM
  • 005CP005: 67x48 CM
  • 006CP006: 75x50 CM
  • 007CP007: 137x73 CM
  • 008CP008: 70x70 CM
  • 009CP009: 61x50 CM
  • 010CP010: 55x40 CM
  • 011CP011: 66x43 CM
  • 012CP012: 86x50 CM
  • 013CP013: 80x60 CM
  • 014CP014: 90x48 CM
  • 015CP015: 70x83 CM
  • 016CP016: 136x80 CM